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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Ecology and Recycling in Ann Arbor

Probally should have put these in yesterday but...I am a perfect example of an imperfect person.

The Ecology Center has a great list of resources and events as well as way anyone can participate.

Some of my favorite places to go are Recycle Ann Arbor and The Scrap Box. I like to go there before I head out to buy any decorating or craft supplies. There is an amazing assortment of usable objects that need a new home. Also, the Scrap Box has parties for children that I have seen and the children have a blast!

Another place I enjoy walking around is Leslie Science Center. They have a lot of educational yet fun activities. They also have a Discovery Garden and hiking trails. Great place for children of all ages to hang out.

These aren't the only places of course but just some of my favorite ones!


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