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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Ehhhh darn it!!!!

Screwed up the taxes....darn I actually owe...sigh. Good news is it wasn't all that bad this year. Still...sigh....

On the other hand I learned a fact today that I never knew before. I was watching Alton Brown on the Food Network. I like to watch him even though he isn't vegan. A lot of great facts about food and stuff like that, and he is kind of funny. Anyway, did you know that lobsters are actually bugs? No, really, they are! More closely related to grasshoppers than cockroaches but bugs none the less. I can't believe people actually eat them. Bad enough they are living creatures but bugs????? Ewwwwww.....

Another think I learned today is that my kitty girl, Lacey, likes brocolli! Yep, turned my back for a minute and part of my dinner disapeared. Ok, maybe my mind slipped, I was thinking, but no Lacey had brocolli breath!


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