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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Response from UK Theater

The following is the response I recieved from the theater in the UK who searched a young womans purse for any foods she might be bringing in. I had sent my post as an e-mail yesterday. I pasted it here just as received...typos and all.

"Thank you for the email.

I have not seen any mention of staff addressing dietary issues as we are snack operators only and mostly get requests for sugar free snack products.

Cineworld is a film exhibitor as well as a food operation. Our snacks are carefully chosen for ease of preparation, noise levels, freshness, cleaning between shows and health and safety. Among the items we do allow in any of our cinemas are carrots (noise) and fruit of any kind. Fruit items in particular are smelly, dangerous when dropped in a dark screen, and attract flies. Fruit products destroy our seat fabric, customer clothing and carpeting and cause accidents.

Many of our food products, including popcorn, contain no animal products.

Our random search policies are not designed for food alone and vary from site to site. During these spot searches we often encounter foods we do not want in the auditoria such as pizza, burgers and fried chicken and ask customers to finish these before entering an auditorium. We have also found drugs, knives, laser pens, smoke bombs, camcorders and live pets in bags during spot checks.

All we ask of customers who decide not to purchase from our snack stands is to refrain from eating for a couple of hours while watching the film and respect our food offer as they would when bringing outside food into any food establishment."

I am considering what to write in response to this. Clearly they are not concerned with the customers satisfaction at all. Also, there seems to be disagreement concerning the popcorn being vegan. As far as I can gather the bottled water is the only item there that is probally vegan!


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