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Friday, April 07, 2006

Sending another e-mail to that UK cinema...

Mr. Alvarez, thank you for your prompt response to my e-mail. I must admit the attitude in your e-mail has left me a little bewildered. In your first paragraph you say you are only snack operators and in the next site Cineworld as being a film exhibitor as well as a food operation. At either rate you are business intent on making money and to do so you will need customers, preferably repeat customers. As either or both a food operation and/or film exhibitor you in fact act as a host to a group of people who are paying you for an what they are hoping to be an entertaining experience. Correct?

You state that carrots are noisy but I was of the opinion that popcorn as well as crisps are crunchy also. Your description of fruit as smelly, dangerous, attracting flies, destroying seat fabric, customer clothing and causing accidents makes it sound as if something like a fruit salad should be considered a weapon of mass destruction! You don’t think that buttery popcorn, soda and chocolates are equally messy and potential problems?

Please inform me of which of your food products are free of animal products. The chocolates contain milk, the popcorn may or may not use butter (dairy product) and other snacks gelatin (comes from an animal source). It would be interesting to find out if anything besides water was free of animal products.

I have never heard of random searches in a movie theater before! If you are so afraid of your customer you need to be in another business. Searching with cause by the police is one thing random searches by theater employees is another thing altogether. Just what are the criteria used by theater employees to decide which customer gets searched and which doesn’t? It very easily could be used as a means of harassment don’t you think? People carry an assortment of odd and sometimes potentially dangerous objects around that does not necessarily imply that they plan to use them. As for camcorders staff watching the audience during the movie should be able to deal with that when the person is leaving. In that way theater goers are not disturbed.

I find the list of foods not wanted in your auditoria odd as the most popular cinema here sells all those as well as stuffed baked potatoes, nachos and the like. In fact whole families will come and spend the day eating and watching movies at this cinema. The belief is that the longer the people are there and the happier they are the more money they will spend. The owners go out of their way to assure there is a variety of foods and entertainments to keep people interested and spending.

Thank you for your time. If possible could you please forward me the name and e-mail address of someone from the Cineworld corporation that is in charge of the Cineworld chain?


Jane M


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