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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Vegan Easter Dinner???

Well, it is that time again! Time to march into the kitchen and astound everyone. Yeah, right. Normally I am a spur of the moment...what is in the cupboards...what is in season...kind of cook. Easter and other holidays I feel the need to dust off the cookbooks and search the web for the 'perfect' recipe for a perfect meal.

Tough choosing too! There are tons of vegan recipes on the web these days. Some are very easy, some require some skill, and others require a degree in chemistry. I lean towards the very easy myself. Oh, and please no ingredients that require my having to bribe custom officers. Those recipes that require more than 10 ingredients aren't happening either.

So this year it looks like I'm going with a few recipes from Bryanna Clark Grogan . What I really like about her recipes is that at first glance they look rather complicated but then she breaks it all down so they are very easy to make. She also gives suggestions for substitutes to use, if someone is allergic to say wheat or soy for example. I am being seduced by the idea of making a 'vegan ham' and that coconut cake just screams EASTER!!!

I don't know if you have tried it yet but Cherry's Parsley Soup has some great recipes too. I'm thinking of starting with the Parsnip Soup for Easter dinner. There's a great Lemon-Lime cake that sounds great too. Well, it is Easter so more than one dessert is allowed...right? Maybe I should make Cherry's Carrot Cake instead????? Aaaahhhh....decisions, decisions....

You know maybe the next time someone asks me what vegans eat I should just give them a list of web sites?


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