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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Vegans and Movie Going????

Recently a young vegan woman in the UK had her purse searched for any food stuffs she might have been bringing into the theater. She was told that if she wanted any food she would have to buy food from their concession. As there was little if anything stocked in the concession that could be considered vegan she asked if there could be some sort of exception. She was told not too politely that her dietary concerns were not the problem of the theater.

Hmmm, ok, now I know that yes the theater is in the business of making money and yes, it is a rule that you should not bring in outside food. However, in my experience that outside food rule is rarely enforced. I can't remember any movie I've gone too that someone hasn't snuck in some carrots or fruit to snack on. In fact it seems to be the habit of some mothers to regularly bring 'healthy' movie snacks in their purses to give their children. To have a rule so strictly enforced seems to detract from the theaters appeal.

Also, what bothers me is the theaters remark that someones dietary concerns aren't their problem!!!!! You would think that in the interest of making happier repeat customers that alternatives to junky food would be offered. Apparently not in some cases.

At any rate the thought of having a purse searched in order to see a movie rankles me a lot. Anyone searching my purse is going to find my emergency stash of food too. I could understand concern over alcoholic beverages and the like but something like a clif bar or some dried fruit????

Ok, so I am starting to rant...well...maybe I was ranting all along. Just think that any theater with that kind of additude isn't worth patronizing! I would rather give my money to one that could be somewhat flexible and cared about their customers comforts!


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