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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Al Gore on SNL and Me Thinks It's About to Hit the Fan Time

Ok, I know that Al Gore is not everyone's favorite. I mean darn..he's a politician...and we all know what they are like...right? Still sometimes I can't help but wonder what would be different if he won... err... ahhh... ummmm... well, you know. Then Al Gore was on Saturday Night Live and all my questions were answered!
If you go to the Saturday Night Live site and click on VIDEO you can watch their "Parallel Universe". The video is on YouTube.com also but it probally will get removed due to copyright laws and such.

Guess who is already putting out doubt about "An Inconvenient Truth"? Yep, it's starting and the movie isn't even in the theaters yet. Well, knew it was going to happen. Put on your highwaiders kids!

"The movie is constructed more as a study of Gore`s barnstorming tours aimed at rousing public awareness of global warming, an exercise of preaching to the environmentalist choir about a seemingly inevitable fate.

But the Washington lobbying machine isn`t taking this cinematic exercise lying down. News releases from various think tanks have begun flying around that pan the movie not so much for its cinematic merits, but rather for giving credibility to global warming."

Analysis: Gore churns up warming debate


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