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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

The Search for an Organic Vegan Wine

Organic Vintners is a mail order company that has a remarkable selection of organic and vegan wines! I did a search on their site and was amazed at the selections available from all over the world. I'm not a daily wine drinker myself but special occasions do seem to call for a good bottle of wine and these folks seem to have done both the footwork and research for me...yeah!!!

In addition to vegan they also carry Biodynamic wines. I posted a quote from their site below showing definitions. The shipping is maybe a little high for some. $14.95 to most states...Alaska is around $25. Still for a good bottle of vegan champagne from France for a celebration or to have a vegan wine cellar could be worth the cost??? I suppose that's up to the individual. They even have a wine of the month club for true vegan wine lovers!

"Biodynamic & Vegan Wines

Biodynamic principles take the organic approach a step further by making sure that the growth of the grapes is in tune with the larger environment. Using homeopathic sprays, herbal preparations and lunar cycles, soil fertility is increased and vines are protected from pests and diseases.

Vegan wines. Winemakers, both organic and conventional, are not obliged to declare on the label when they use animal by-products as fining agents to clarify wine. These include egg white (to brighten red wines), casein (a milk protein to make wine taste softer), gelatin (removes bitterness) and isinglass (derived from fish). A vegan wine, on the other hand, uses no animal products whatsoever."


  • At 8:31 AM, Blogger Anderson, Cherie said…


    I don't drink wine but I use Frey Organics in cooking; they are all vegan and no sulfites. If you have a Wild Oats near you, they should carry it! :) No shipping cost then.


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