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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Life Doesn't Always Go As Planned

Well sometimes life just throws one hell of a curve. That is what is happening to me now. I lost my job and at 54 I find that the workforce wants nothing to do with me. So I am forced to give up my apartment. The worst of it is giving up my kitty girls.

Maggie has bladder problems and is on a special diet. She is very emotional and attached to me. I believe it is best to put her to sleep rather than put her through the stress of rehoming. Lacey I am hoping to rehome as she is very clean and quiet. She would be an excellent indoor cat for someone who doesn't want to fuss that much over a cat. She is very timid but sweet and would warm up to someone in time.

As for me, I will be moving to someplace called the Nesting Place. It is a sort of dorm for women with financial problems. I think I will be ok. Right now I am feeling a bit like a failure in life. At least at the Nesting Place I have met other women like me. Those who have worked all their lifes but somehow it all goes bad. Maybe I should just think of it as a new beginning????


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