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Monday, August 07, 2006

Maybe I Should Explain More

I got some comments privately that made me believe I confused some people. I have found 2 jobs but they are very part time and don't pay much at all. The temp agency I was working for hasn't had much to offer either. The best they have done for me in the past several months was 2 days work a month. Can't support myself on that. With the cost of living in Ann Arbor and the lack of low cost housing .... well I am just lucky that there is a place like the Nesting Place to go to. Otherwise, I would be trying to live out of my car.

I am annoyed that my age is such an issue when job hunting. It seems when a woman reaches a certain age the world expects her to just disapear. I quess that is why we are called 'Shadow Women'. That is the term that was taught me at the Nesting Place. A lot of people don't realize that they are homeless....they clean themselves up in public washrooms and spend their days reading at libraries or wandering around the mall. Most have no idea how to deal with social services and keep their distress very quiet.

I never liked the feeling of being invisible....hear me!!!


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