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Monday, August 28, 2006

Oh Just Great

Did I mention I was cashiering at a local market? Well, I may not be much longer. The management is changing. In the past 2 weeks over 4 of the managers have quit. Mostly due to redirection and oh I am not too sure what all. Just a lot of bad feelings going around. We have a new manager now and he is a terror. A sneaky terror. As in he hangs out behind things and spys on us and then goes to our immediate manager and complains about us.

My manager called me this morning. Seems 1st thing this morning he goes to her and says "We have to talk." Then goes on this speel about how bad I was as a cashier...ok, not just me but the other girl I was cashiering with last night. Apparently he felt we were rude to customers??? He never said anything about it to us last night. So what he is referring to I have no idea. Now they are talking about moving me to stocking groceries. My manager is against that and wants to keep me. She is upset about the whole thing and doesn't believe any of his complaints.

Anyway, the place is changing alot and not for the best in my opinion. It is a neighborhood grocery not a giant chain. We spend a lot of time talking with the customers and joking with them. I think he wants to make it more 'professional'. He has a low opinion of townies. He voiced that last night. So I am really confused how and why he came to this grocery.

I am trying not to stress over it too much. To tell the truth I was hoping to find another job than this. I still have my waitress job and maybe they will give me more hours to help out for awhile. I will have to check that out. Grrrr...just when I was starting to feel a little bit more secure....darn....


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