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Monday, August 14, 2006


Well I got reamed a new one by someone today. I was calling around to find out the cost of putting my cats down. Several places told me that they would not euthanize (sp?) any animal that might possibly find another home. These cats I was told should be sent to the Humane Society.

Quote: "Are you saying that you would rather murder your cats than give them a chance to find another home?"

Ok, another case of not knowing all the facts. I have called the Humane Society. They are not a 'no kill' sanctuary. Nor will they attempt to home all cats that come to them. In fact I was told that Maggie they would not try to home at all and that it was extremely doubtful that they would try with Lacey, given her age and timid nature. Seems they prefer outgoing cats???

Ok, maybe I am wrong but I don't want my girls afraid or to suffer. If they are not going to be rehomed then I would rather be there with them when they are put to sleep. I don't want them among strangers in strange surroundings. I want to be there to stroke them and tell them that I love them but even the best I could do just wasn't good enough.


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