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Monday, August 28, 2006

Seriously MIxed Up Weird Day

The drama at the grocery continues. Now my manager wants to quit because of the new store manager. Quess he has been bugging her all day. I didn't work there today but went in because she sounded so upset on the phone today. You know just to check on her and give her a little hug. She is really sad about how every thing is going down. I really feel bad for her. She is interested in maybe taking Lacey to live with her mother though. She thinks Lacey might get along really good with her. I'm kind of hoping that would work out.

One of the ladies from the Nesting Place talked to me on the phone this morning and I let her in on what was going on at the grocery. She was really nice and even came into the diner this evening. She doesn't think I need the grieve from the grocery. She's got that right.

This was something really nice that happened to me today! One of the ladies at the diner I work at gave me a new pair of shoes!!! Some of the other waitresses were really concerned that the shoes I've been wearing weren't 'waitress friendly'. As in really cute but not good for standing in for 10 hours. So, she claims that she had these in her closet and that they never fit her. (This after the manager's wife kept bugging me about what size shoe I wear. Then going on about how small my feet are.) Anyhow it was really one of the sweetest things someone has done for me in a while. I am insisting on giving her something for them but she won't take much.

Oh, got told that another grocery is hiring in the neighborhood. So I am off to apply there. I know someone who works there so maybe I can use that as some kind of leverage.

There have been a lot of caring comments from people who have learned about my decision to have my kitty girls put to sleep. I really appreciate all the care and concern. I can't express how much it helps to know there are still some good and caring people. Thank you all so very much. If I could I would give you all a big hug!


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