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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Moving Daze

Well, it's here. The day I move. Well, today and tomorrow. I take Lacey to the vet to board in about half an hour. Right now she is blissfully unaware of what is going on. I am packing her off with some of her favorite toys and such. This is the vet that helped me with Maggie. He and his staff are very kind and considerate of my situation. They will do everything they can to keep her safe and comfortable for the night. Even leave a radio on for her to listen to. I am still a bit nervous about it though.

Yesterday afternoon I found out there may be a problem. Seems that I may not be able to move in by Friday. My stuff I can move there but maybe not me. Which means I may be living in my car for a bit. I don't know.....someone was suppose to call me last night to let me know but they didn't. I am suppose to pick up the key this morning though. I hope that goes ok. Seems silly to have a key to the house and have to sleep in my car in the driveway there. Still it has something to do with inspections.

There will be internet connections! If not ready now they will be soon. At least that is what I am told. I am moving my pc last. Just feel like it is my link to the outside world or something.

I had a nostalga trip packing the family things. My mothers silverplate, the Rosa Bonheur print my father gave me when I was in highschool, the woven coverlet that has been in the family for about 200 years.....all stuff I can't sell or lose or give up. Not much but somethings that tie me to my past. Though I always have wondered why my father gave me that print....Horses in a Storm....not even one of her better known pictures....hmmmmm.

Ok, I am putting off what has to be done. Time to get to it.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The Changes in Lacey

This I just had to share. Ever since Maggies leaving us, Lacey has been a totally different cat. She is loving and playful. She is even getting a bit fat. She has always been very indifferent to food....ok down right fussy. Now though she just can't seem to get enough!

I discussed it with one of the ladies I work with and she has a theory I want to share. She thinks that because Maggie was so sick it was affecting Lacey???? This sort of makes sense to me. She said cats can tell if there is something wrong with another cat and react to it. Maybe Lacey was in her way feeling Maggies pain? I don't know for sure, I certainly wish animals could talk human. Just thought it was an interesting theory.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

The Last Week

This is the last week I will be living in my apartment. There are still a lot of things up in the air. Right now it isn't sure if I will have anyway to connect to the internet or even have a phone where I am moving. Hopefully those are things that I can get in time. In the meantime I may have to use the computers at the library. That won't be so bad.

I am packing and very surprised at some of the things I have collected over the years here. (I have lived here about 10 years.) Slowly but surely I am sorting out what to keep and what to toss. Sort of like reviewing ones life in a way. Somethings I look at and wonder who was that person that belonged to??? In some ways I don't recognize myself so much anymore.

I am comforted that I do have Lacey with me. We have each other.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Getting Down to IT

I get to start moving some of my stuff tomorrow! That will help out a lot. It is so hard to work and try to get stuff together to move. The past 2 days I worked 15 hour days.... and almost all of that time was on my feet.....ouch!!! I could hardly make my body move when I finally home. WWWWHHHHHIIIIIIINNNNNEEEE..... I only work one job tonight and I have the day off both jobs tomorrow! Hopefully I can get a lot done tomorrow.

Lacey's personality has changed so dramatically. She is getting to be very affectionate though she is not too happy with being picked up. She would much rather get cuddled on the floor. I have to call the vet in a little bit to see how much to board her overnite. I can't risk her getting lost or upset during the move. As it is she is wondering what the hell I am up to boxing things and tossing stuff out. I'd feel a lot safer with her boarded when the big move takes place. ..she likes to hide in boxes and all that. Afterall, the threat of losing both her and Maggie, and having had to have Maggie put to sleep, I am feeling very overprotective of her.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Found out tonight that I will be able to take Lacey with me!!!!!! I am sooooooo very happy!!!! The lady I will be sharing the house with says she doesn't have a problem .... as long as Lacey leaves her food alone! Not a problem...unless it is a can of tuna or a chicken breast Lacey has little interest in people food. She even turns her nose up at the tuna and the chicken sometimes. Just a fussy little eater!

Started at the grocery chain today. I am in the coffee kiosk. I use to work a coffee bar so it is pretty easy for me. They seem to like me quite a bit. Though my boss at the restaraunt is warning me against them.....he thinks they are taking advantage of me because they are scheduling me to work a lot of hours. He gets that way though. It almost seems like jealousy sometimes. Bosses are weird!?!?!

Need to get my packing finished real soon. I may have to board Lacey for a few days during the move. She won't like it but she keeps trying to 'help' me. I don't want her to get lost in the shuffle and all. I feel so much better now!!!!!

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Trying to be patient......urrrrgghhhh

The lady I will be sharing a house with was suppose to give me a call but hasn't so far. That means Lacey's fate is still undecided. I wish there was a way to contact her but .... I do know where she works but that seems invasive to call there.

I am hoping to be able to move some of my things next week. There is a problem with that though. Seems someone complained to the city inspector that the Nesting Place was moving women into a condemned building. That is a crock! The building needs repairs and cleaning but is solid. Unfortunately the city inspector is pissed and could hold things up. Hopefully that will be solved soon. I really want a roof over my head.

Lacey actually begged for cuddling this morning! So unlike what she used to be like lately! She has the softest fur. Lacey was a very sick cat when I got her. She was about 9 months old and only weighed 3lbs. She was so starved that her bones were starting to break through her skin. The vet really wasn't sure she would survive...but she did. She always wanted to be in the room where I was but really not too crazy about being touched though. Maybe the loss of Maggie and old age are changing her????

I am suppose to work today. Don't know yet when I go in though. Owner is suppose to calll me...probally forgot to though. I had a great customer Thursday night! Ok, maybe this isn't all that PC but you know how some people just let their gaylight shine??? Well this guy was a regular lighthouse! We got along so great!!! We arranged to meet again just so we could trash talk some more.....oh can't wait!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Counting my blessings

1. Got the job at the grocery chain!!!! Just don't know when I start or where and what hours I'll be working......yeeeeehaaaaa!!!!!

2. I may not have to have Lacey put to sleep. Trying very hard not to get too excited until I know for sure. I am sad about Maggie but her medical problems were getting worse, not better. I would have prefered she live a longer life but she would never have handled the move. I am finding that Lacey is a lot more friendly and responsive since Maggie is no longer with us. I did spend most of my time with Maggie, caring for her. Lacey seems to be flourishing with the extra attention now....I didn't realize how much my attention to Maggie's needs was affecting Lacey.

3. The house I'll be moving into is really huge and has lots of space for gardening. I get to decorate my own room the way I want. Started looking at paint samples already...leaning to a kind of light sage green color. Maybe accented with blues and lavenders???? The lady I will be sharing with is into mowing and the heavy kind of stuff....which I am not, so maybe we will be a good meld??? I have decided to bring all my canning equipment with me.....and my birdhouses, and oh well.....almost everything!!!!

4. Tips were much better than usual tonight. I ran my behind off but at least it was worth it!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Maybe a miracle????

I put down the money for the Nesting Place that I am moving into later this month. The house is in solid but in need of love condition. Mostly it needs cleaning, painting, and a few not so bad repairs. My room is going to be quite large! I will get to garden in the back! In fact there is a fenced in veggie garden area all ready. It does need some serious care though....but that is the fun part.

I have some hope that I am trying to not get too excited about. As there will only be 2 of us living at this place (at least for a while) the director decided that if the other person I will be sharing with agrees ....I CAN KEEP LACEY!!!!!! I will find out tomorrow. I am so seriously excited!!!! I am really hoping she agrees to it.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Ok, this helped me. Leave it to Monty Python.....got it from someone after a discussion on perspective.


Monday, September 11, 2006


Been sick for two days. I don't know if I have a virus or I am just way too stressed out. I am very scared and upset right now. I didn't go into work yesterday and I am hoping I still have a job.

Spoke to a lady I worked with about a year ago. She is in similar circumstances. I told her about the Nesting Place but I don't know if she will consider it. I think she lives with her son now. She was upset because she couldn't afford groceries or to pay bills. I really feel for her. We were both expecting to be called back to this one place through the temp agency. We had been told we would be but..... then the company we would have been placed with started laying off their own employees....so that was that.

I keep thinking once the move is over...things will be better for me. Maybe I won't be so stressed all the time.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Day Off!!!!

I had today off. It went ok. I had an interview this morning and I was told they would call me by Wednesday to let me know. It went pretty good, I quess. They are just doing the background check thing and trying to figure out if my schedule will fit in with them. So just wait and see.

That new girl at the diner that caused me grief....well, I haven't worked with her since that night but it seems she's managed to get on the bad side of everyone else she has waitressed with since. I got to hand it to her.....ain't easy to piss of that many people in such a short amount of time. Part of me is sort of feeling bad for her....that is as long as I don't have to deal with her again!

Couldn't put Lacey to sleep today. Just couldn't do it. I have to do it next Friday though. I can't put it off forever. She is still a little spirited thing. I hate to do this.

Thursday, September 07, 2006


What do you know... that woman at the grocery chain came through! I had my doubts as she is a mucha talker. I got called for an interview though! I go in tomorrow morning for one! Cross my fingers and toes...and all that!

Last night at the diner wasn't so good. There is a new girl and she is going to be trouble. The boss is enamored with her though. Thank goodness I won't be working with her very often if at all. She is less than honest. She managed to get me yelled at by the boss by telling the boss a lie already! Only 2 hours into the shift! I told the boss the truth but, well we'll see. I've decided to leave her to the other waitresses as she will be working with them mostly. They are nice women but I wouldn't try crossing any of them. Might be interesting to see how she deals with them.

Lacey actually was affectionate last night! Can she have noticed finally that Maggie is gone and is starting to get lonely? They really didn't play together very often and seemed to have staked out their own territories. I have decided to delay putting her to sleep for another week. That may be a mistake but I just can't bring myself to do it right now.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Where to go????

Well, the trip to meet and look at the new place didn't go so well. Wires got crossed and I showed up earlier than I was suppose to. The cab driver refused to leave me there to wait for someone too. Don't read too much into that. He was just being a bit too overprotective. The house is in a rural area but still close to the bus line. It has been abandoned for sometime I am told. Good bones though. Quite large. Needs a lot of love and care. Couldn't see inside though. I was told it is structurally sound and that the plumbing and wiring are all be checked and redone if needed. Also, the landlord is letting us redecorate it ourselves.

The lady who runs the Nesting Place is giving up the frat house. Costs too much to upkeep. The ladies can't even change the lightbulbs there by themselves. They have to call for a serviceperson to to it!!!! Weird. So she has contracted for two other houses. Both are on the bus lines and both are on the northside, I believe. Next week she is going to take me to see both and then I can choose between them. Right now I am leaning towards the one I saw this morning. Very close to the diner I am working at and checking out the yard I thought I saw plenty of room for a garden. I wonder if I can talk her into letting me put in a garden???? She did mention that yard work wasn't her thing....maybe it can be mine???? ohhhh ...please...please....please!!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Hmmm....New Location????

Spoke to the lady at the Nesting Place this morning. She wants me to look at the new house they are opening up on my side of town. She thinks the location may be better for me! I go to see it tomorrow.

She says it is in rough shape right now. Needs painting and carpeting...all that kind of stuff. Still I would get to stay in my neighborhood and it is located in a rural setting. Both big pluses for me! So I am really eager to see it.

I am planning on having Lacey put to sleep this Saturday or the next. The home I thought I found her fell through. In a way I am glad that it was realized that it wouldn't work out before she was rehomed. I kind of feel quilty that I don't have the connection with her that I had with Maggie. Lacey is still kind of feral in her heart though. Lacey always held a look of contempt for how Maggie would snuggle with me.

Monday, September 04, 2006

2 Days Off

I had two days off in a row! I thought of all the things I should be doing but wound up sleeping instead. Didn't realize how tired I was I quess.

Tried to spend some time with Lacey. She doesn't really care about that though. Her personality is totally different than Maggies was. Lacey isn't a cuddler at all. In fact she prefers to remain just out of reach. She was a rescued feral and she never really warmed up to humans all that much. I think she just tolerates us. She hasn't seemed to miss Maggie either. That surprised me. Maggie was always licking Lacey's head and ears. I know Maggie would have missed Lacey, but Maggie was extremely affectionate and sensitive. Such different personalities!

I think I will feel a whole lot better once I am moved into the Nesting Place and things are more settled. Right now everything seems so .... oh I don't know.... unsettled????

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Moving On....

Quit at the market yesterday morning. One of the managers asked if there was anyway I would change my mind....not really. We talked over my reasons for leaving and I think he understood. I have cashiered at a lot of places and have never been short, well except for a time when a check jumped behind the drawer and got caught...but that got straightened out. I was just afraid that with this new store manager riding me and trying to find something wrong that I was bound to make a mistake. That and it really bothers me that he though I was rude to customers. If I had said something rude I really wish he had said something at the time so I would know what it was. Of course, he reported one of the other cashiers as rude because she said "Can I see your ID?" instead of "May I see your ID?"..... kind of pushing it there.

I hear from one of the cashiers at the major grocery chains on the next block that their getting a lot of the customers that used to shop at the market I just quit. Seems the customers are not happy with the changes either. Well, I quess we'll see what happens there in the long run. At least I am not part of the drama anymore.

The cashier at the major grocery chain is doing what she can to try to get me in there. I have my doubts but she says that it is union and I could get medical benefits. I could use the medical benefits.... don't have any right now. So we will see. In the meantime the diner is working me a lot more hours and the tips have been very good.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Decisiions, Decisions....

I have decided to quit at the market. I was going to try hanging in there ... at least to the end of the month ... then at least to the end of this week.... and then the new store manager riled me yet again yesterday.... now think I'll just quit today. Need to get in touch with my manager there first though. I worked both jobs yesterday and wound up sick last night. I've worked them both before and was ok but I think the stress level at the market is tiring me out too much. Besides, my loyalty is all at the diner now.

The good things that happened to me yesterday were:

1. Found a $20 bill on the sidewalk!
2. I lost my purse but it was found safe and sound by some nice ladies who had seen me sitting where it was found...but couldn't catch me in time. BIG WHEWWWWW.....
3. Had really nice customers both at the market and the diner!!!!