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Monday, September 04, 2006

2 Days Off

I had two days off in a row! I thought of all the things I should be doing but wound up sleeping instead. Didn't realize how tired I was I quess.

Tried to spend some time with Lacey. She doesn't really care about that though. Her personality is totally different than Maggies was. Lacey isn't a cuddler at all. In fact she prefers to remain just out of reach. She was a rescued feral and she never really warmed up to humans all that much. I think she just tolerates us. She hasn't seemed to miss Maggie either. That surprised me. Maggie was always licking Lacey's head and ears. I know Maggie would have missed Lacey, but Maggie was extremely affectionate and sensitive. Such different personalities!

I think I will feel a whole lot better once I am moved into the Nesting Place and things are more settled. Right now everything seems so .... oh I don't know.... unsettled????


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