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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Hmmm....New Location????

Spoke to the lady at the Nesting Place this morning. She wants me to look at the new house they are opening up on my side of town. She thinks the location may be better for me! I go to see it tomorrow.

She says it is in rough shape right now. Needs painting and carpeting...all that kind of stuff. Still I would get to stay in my neighborhood and it is located in a rural setting. Both big pluses for me! So I am really eager to see it.

I am planning on having Lacey put to sleep this Saturday or the next. The home I thought I found her fell through. In a way I am glad that it was realized that it wouldn't work out before she was rehomed. I kind of feel quilty that I don't have the connection with her that I had with Maggie. Lacey is still kind of feral in her heart though. Lacey always held a look of contempt for how Maggie would snuggle with me.


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