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Thursday, September 07, 2006


What do you know... that woman at the grocery chain came through! I had my doubts as she is a mucha talker. I got called for an interview though! I go in tomorrow morning for one! Cross my fingers and toes...and all that!

Last night at the diner wasn't so good. There is a new girl and she is going to be trouble. The boss is enamored with her though. Thank goodness I won't be working with her very often if at all. She is less than honest. She managed to get me yelled at by the boss by telling the boss a lie already! Only 2 hours into the shift! I told the boss the truth but, well we'll see. I've decided to leave her to the other waitresses as she will be working with them mostly. They are nice women but I wouldn't try crossing any of them. Might be interesting to see how she deals with them.

Lacey actually was affectionate last night! Can she have noticed finally that Maggie is gone and is starting to get lonely? They really didn't play together very often and seemed to have staked out their own territories. I have decided to delay putting her to sleep for another week. That may be a mistake but I just can't bring myself to do it right now.


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