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Sunday, September 24, 2006

The Last Week

This is the last week I will be living in my apartment. There are still a lot of things up in the air. Right now it isn't sure if I will have anyway to connect to the internet or even have a phone where I am moving. Hopefully those are things that I can get in time. In the meantime I may have to use the computers at the library. That won't be so bad.

I am packing and very surprised at some of the things I have collected over the years here. (I have lived here about 10 years.) Slowly but surely I am sorting out what to keep and what to toss. Sort of like reviewing ones life in a way. Somethings I look at and wonder who was that person that belonged to??? In some ways I don't recognize myself so much anymore.

I am comforted that I do have Lacey with me. We have each other.


  • At 1:32 AM, Blogger KleoPatra said…

    i do love going thru stuff and deciding what is important to take and what is not so important to take... hope things work out well for you in the end with moving and what not. i have used libraries for their computers and it is just fine!! Lacey is lucky to have you as well!


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