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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Moving Daze

Well, it's here. The day I move. Well, today and tomorrow. I take Lacey to the vet to board in about half an hour. Right now she is blissfully unaware of what is going on. I am packing her off with some of her favorite toys and such. This is the vet that helped me with Maggie. He and his staff are very kind and considerate of my situation. They will do everything they can to keep her safe and comfortable for the night. Even leave a radio on for her to listen to. I am still a bit nervous about it though.

Yesterday afternoon I found out there may be a problem. Seems that I may not be able to move in by Friday. My stuff I can move there but maybe not me. Which means I may be living in my car for a bit. I don't know.....someone was suppose to call me last night to let me know but they didn't. I am suppose to pick up the key this morning though. I hope that goes ok. Seems silly to have a key to the house and have to sleep in my car in the driveway there. Still it has something to do with inspections.

There will be internet connections! If not ready now they will be soon. At least that is what I am told. I am moving my pc last. Just feel like it is my link to the outside world or something.

I had a nostalga trip packing the family things. My mothers silverplate, the Rosa Bonheur print my father gave me when I was in highschool, the woven coverlet that has been in the family for about 200 years.....all stuff I can't sell or lose or give up. Not much but somethings that tie me to my past. Though I always have wondered why my father gave me that print....Horses in a Storm....not even one of her better known pictures....hmmmmm.

Ok, I am putting off what has to be done. Time to get to it.


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