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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Trying to be patient......urrrrgghhhh

The lady I will be sharing a house with was suppose to give me a call but hasn't so far. That means Lacey's fate is still undecided. I wish there was a way to contact her but .... I do know where she works but that seems invasive to call there.

I am hoping to be able to move some of my things next week. There is a problem with that though. Seems someone complained to the city inspector that the Nesting Place was moving women into a condemned building. That is a crock! The building needs repairs and cleaning but is solid. Unfortunately the city inspector is pissed and could hold things up. Hopefully that will be solved soon. I really want a roof over my head.

Lacey actually begged for cuddling this morning! So unlike what she used to be like lately! She has the softest fur. Lacey was a very sick cat when I got her. She was about 9 months old and only weighed 3lbs. She was so starved that her bones were starting to break through her skin. The vet really wasn't sure she would survive...but she did. She always wanted to be in the room where I was but really not too crazy about being touched though. Maybe the loss of Maggie and old age are changing her????

I am suppose to work today. Don't know yet when I go in though. Owner is suppose to calll me...probally forgot to though. I had a great customer Thursday night! Ok, maybe this isn't all that PC but you know how some people just let their gaylight shine??? Well this guy was a regular lighthouse! We got along so great!!! We arranged to meet again just so we could trash talk some more.....oh can't wait!


  • At 2:36 AM, Blogger kleo2 said…

    Hee hee... you can size up people pretty well, it seems... Keep thinkin' positive!


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