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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Where to go????

Well, the trip to meet and look at the new place didn't go so well. Wires got crossed and I showed up earlier than I was suppose to. The cab driver refused to leave me there to wait for someone too. Don't read too much into that. He was just being a bit too overprotective. The house is in a rural area but still close to the bus line. It has been abandoned for sometime I am told. Good bones though. Quite large. Needs a lot of love and care. Couldn't see inside though. I was told it is structurally sound and that the plumbing and wiring are all be checked and redone if needed. Also, the landlord is letting us redecorate it ourselves.

The lady who runs the Nesting Place is giving up the frat house. Costs too much to upkeep. The ladies can't even change the lightbulbs there by themselves. They have to call for a serviceperson to to it!!!! Weird. So she has contracted for two other houses. Both are on the bus lines and both are on the northside, I believe. Next week she is going to take me to see both and then I can choose between them. Right now I am leaning towards the one I saw this morning. Very close to the diner I am working at and checking out the yard I thought I saw plenty of room for a garden. I wonder if I can talk her into letting me put in a garden???? She did mention that yard work wasn't her thing....maybe it can be mine???? ohhhh ...please...please....please!!!!!!!


  • At 1:08 PM, Anonymous kleopatra said…

    Near the bus line AND a place for a garden?!?!?! That sounds perfect!!!! I''ll keep my fingers cross'd! A little work to redecorate it and fix it up a little in places won't be too much for you, right?

    PLEASE PLEASE! :o) Hope it's YOURS!

  • At 2:54 PM, Blogger Jane M said…

    I would enjoy that kind of work....love getting my hands (and the rest of me) dirty!!!!!


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